Disaster Recovery:

Now’s the time to review your plan.
By Steven Ellis

Much has changed with disaster recovery in the 10-plus years since we got a firsthand lesson from Hurricane Katrina. Server virtualization now makes recovery of many systems much easier and faster than it was, and the rise of the cloud puts more options at our disposal than we could have previously imagined.

The Mobile Risk

What’s your business’ policy for dealing with mobile access to company data?
By Steven Ellis

The immense popularity of mobile devices is inescapable, yet most small businesses have given little real thought to how best to manage them. Until recently, I shared the opinion that there often isn’t much to worry about.

The Internet of Things

A look at a few bright spots on the road to a truly smart world.
By Steven Ellis


Few things are trendier in tech than the Internet of Things (IoT). In my own words, the IoT is the idea of bringing the Internet to typically disconnected “dumb” objects to control them or to get more information from them, thereby making them “smart” objects.

Think Before You Click

Cyber security awareness is key for business.
By Steven Ellis
Published in Biz New Orleans in January 2016

From a cyber security standpoint, the one behavior that leads to more headaches than any other for small or midsize businesses is people clicking (or otherwise acting) on things in emails that they shouldn’t.

The IT team can help: Certainly scanning email for malware or signs of phishing is a must.

Disaster recovery during hurricane season

There’s no telling when natural disasters will occur. When they do, certain regions in the country often bear the brunt of their impact, like when Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit certain states in 2017. With a well-designed disaster recovery (DR) plan, your business can be spared from total devastation. Determine recovery hierarchy Certain parts of […]