Yes, We’re Open During The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed how all businesses operate. As the world moves to remote working, IT will play an even
more important role in maintaining operations and protecting data.

Here’s how we’re responding to the situation:

  • Our service levels and hours of operation remain the same (M-F from 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. with 24/7 emergency support).
  • Internal systems including phones are operating normally.
  • All personnel entering our building are required to wear a mask and will have their temperature checked by Federal Reserve Law Enforcement. Entry will be denied to anyone displaying a temperature above 100.3 degrees.
  • Onsite services are available when necessary. Onsite engineers are required to perform the following:
  • Log their temperature daily
  • Follow social distancing guidelines
  • Wear a mask over the mouth and nose
  • Sanitize hands or don new gloves before working
  • Disinfect all surfaces before and after working

IT professionals are considered critical infrastructure workers. We are following Federal and local
guidance in our operations, with an emphasis on the health and safety of our employees and those with
whom they come in contact.

We’re committed to supporting your business during this unusual
time. Here are some common questions you may have:

We are open, and our clients continue to engage with our team as normal. Although 90% of our team is working remotely, we are maintaining the high level of service our clients are accustomed to. If you’re not a current client and looking to switch IT providers, we are equipped to take new clients and have processes in place to make that happen smoothly.

Yes. You may contact us by all methods of communication. Our team is standing by.

Absolutely. During this time, many businesses are realizing their current IT situation isn’t equipped for this kind of event. We’re open and ready to take on that responsibility for you.

Yes. Our team is available to help you securely connect to the systems that run your business, and advise on cloud services that you may not be leveraging.

Yes. The dedicated members of our SOC (Security Operations Center) can advise on securing your data and systems regardless of where your users and endpoints are operating.