Johnson Rice & Company L.L.C.


Johnson Rice & Company L.L.C. was founded in 1987 as an institutional research and sales firm. The investment banking department was added in 1991 and has been involved in over $14 billion in capital transactions. Located in New Orleans, LA, Johnson Rice focuses on a limited number of industries in order to provide superior, value-added services to its institutional and corporate clients. The firm is nationally recognized for its expansive coverage of the energy industry and also has a strong consumer focus with coverage of specialty retailer companies.


The nature of their business requires that Johnson Rice has a thorough, workable business continuity plan. The fact that they are based in New Orleans adds to the urgency of the plan and the likelihood that it will be implemented. From an IT standpoint, Johnson Rice needs uninterrupted access to files, email, instant messaging, and various financial platforms whenever the market is open.


Bellwether Technology worked with Johnson Rice to craft a disaster recovery plan for their IT systems that is designed to preserve access to all systems in the event of a complete loss of their New Orleans office. In addition, Bellwether Technology identified remote office space and other resources for Johnson Rice's trading desk to use in the event of an evacuation of the New Orleans area.


In September 2008, Hurricane Gustav provided a real-life test of Johnson Rice's business continuity plan, and all aspects worked as intended. When the market opened following a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, Johnson Rice's traders were up and working productively in a temporary office, and other personnel had complete access to corporate data with the full support of Bellwether Technology's service desk.