Managed Services

All the IT services you need for an affordable monthly fee

For a monthly fee, Bellwether takes full responsibility for the management, maintenance, and support of your entire environment. We cover everything from servers and networking, to PCs and user support, just like an in-house IT department. Since 1980, Bellwether has served 100s of clients in the Gulf South. Our team of 55 professionals provide a depth of knowledge that is second to none. You are no longer reliant on the knowledge of a few individuals.

Others may claim that they provide proactive support. But, having the tools to be proactive is different than having the resources to be proactive. At Bellwether we have a team of 4 specialists that are 100% dedicated to monitoring, patching, security management, and backup management. These crucial activities are never to be overlooked or procrastinated. And, by separating our project team from our service team, we are able to complete projects on time and on budget without being pulled away to respond to emergencies.

Others claim they can do it better but the details are in the approach. That is why some of the most successful companies in Louisiana rely on Bellwether. Call us to find out if we can help make your technology more secure, consistent, and predictable.

Managed Services from Bellwether Technology provide:

  • Constant protection - With proactive monitoring from dedicated specialists
  • Maintenance services - Small problems are identified and resolved before becoming big issues
  • Reliable & responsive services 24/7 - Our deep bench of experts is available to your staff for any issue.
  • All-inclusive IT support - Scalable with flat & predictable fees
  • Strategic consulting - We advise our clients on best practices to leverage IT to create efficiencies.