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Cybersecurity Assessments for New Orleans Businesses

Uncover Security Gaps That Could Take Down Your Business

Get Peace of Mind

When you’re the one responsible for managing business risk, you need to know if there are holes in your cyber defenses that are exposing your organization to more risk that you want or need. A cyber assessment will uncover gaps and provide you with the recommendations you need to strengthen weaknesses and decrease the chance that you’ll become the victim of a cyber-attack.

It’s Time for a Cybersecurity Assessment if you

  • Want peace of mind about cybersecurity
  • Want to evaluate your current cybersecurity posture and get actionable recommendations for your IT team
  • Need to provide security accountability to customers or vendors
  • Have heard that companies in your supply chain have experienced cyber attacks
  • Need to create a path towards cybersecurity regulatory compliance
  • Operate in a high-risk industry, or handle sensitive and confidential information


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61% of organizations

experienced a ransomware
attack in 2020.

Source: Mimecast State of Email Security

About 50% of survey respondents

reported that their organizations experienced situations when exploits and malware evaded intrusion detection systems and anti-virus solutions.

Source: Ponemon Institute, Cybersecurity in the Remove Work Era, October 2020

What’s Involved with a Cybersecurity Assessment?

A cybersecurity assessment consists of external and internal technical testing to find vulnerabilities in your IT systems, and may include interviews to evaluate non-technical aspects of your security posture.

  • External security assessment will identify vulnerabilities that may allow a cyber-attacker to gain entry to your network.
  • Internal security assessment will identify vulnerabilities that may be exploited by someone has internal access to your system, or that may allow malware to spread.
  • Employee interviews may be conducted to evaluate data access policies and procedures.
  • Custom components can be added to an assessment to answer specific questions you have about security.

What to Expect in the Cybersecurity Assessment Process


We learn about your goals and situation. We talk through the assessment process and answer your questions.


We gather information about your network and create an assessment plan that meets your specific goals.


External and internal security assessments are conducted remotely and at your location.


You get a detailed report that lists security gaps that are increasing your cyber risk exposure.

Can You Afford NOT to Know About Cybersecurity Gaps?

Cybercrime is increasing, and wishing and hoping that you won’t become a victim isn’t going to help your business survive. Find out if you have security holes and get the action items you need to close them.

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