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Best practices for Remote Meetings

Before you run out and buy an ultra HD camera and noise cancelling headsets, try these remote meetings tips to get the most out of the equipment that you already own.

Microsoft Teams

Tip #1. Test every earpiece & microphone combination. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to make a test call. Try every device that you own. You may be surprised by which [one performs best. It turns our that the wired earphones and mic that came with my Samsung Galaxy S6 sounded better than my two bluetooth devices. My laptop’s microphone also performed nicely. You can also customize your settings to use your computer’s microphone, but play the audio over a headset for privacy.

Tip #2.  The camera should be as close to eye level as possible. You don’t want the audience looking up or looking down at you. Most cameras are mounted or are already integrated at the top of your monitor, so a little fine tuning is all you need. If you are using a desktop, raise or lower your monitor for the meeting. If you are using a laptop, place it on top of a couple of books.

Tip #3.  Eliminate background light sources. Having a window or lamp behind you creates a silhouette effect. Photographers often use backlighting to create a dramatic effect. However, for online meeting these light sources should be eliminated.


Tip #4.  Use front lighting. The light source should be directly in front of you. If it is more than 45 degrees off to the side, half of your face will be shaded. Natural sunlight works best, but that is not always an option. Any sort of lamp will make a noticeable difference. Try it without the lampshade or with different types of bulbs. Soft white bulbs produce yellowish light. Daylight bulbs produce white/bluish light an may be your best option.