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The Clock is Ticking for Server 2012 End-of-Support

The clock is ticking for Server 2012 End-of-support

The Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 operating systems are going out of support on October 10, 2023, and cyber-criminals are rubbing their hands in anticipation. Why? Because they know there will be a lot of networks that will continue to run the unsupported software and that will make them easy targets to exploit as new security vulnerabilities are discovered. Running unsupported software is a big risk because the developer no longer creates security patches to mitigate new vulnerabilities as they’re discovered. Cyber-criminals will continue to discover new holes where they can sneak into a computer via unpatched software. Once […]

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IT Disaster Preparedness

‘Storm preparation’ is a term with which people across the gulf coast are intimately familiar. Most of the tools we need from June to November (and this year possibly longer) have become second-nature. Sandbags. Non-perishable foods. Battery-operated radios. Flashlights. But in the IT world, there are other tools we use in storm and disaster preparation, devices that are essential to any small business trying to stay afloat during a catastrophic event. As Bellwether’s Data Assurance Engineer, it is my job to use Backup and Disaster Recovery tools to protect our clients. These essential tools preserve a company’s files and servers […]

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Now’s the time to review your DR plan. Much has changed with disaster recovery in the 10-plus years since we got a firsthand lesson from Hurricane Katrina. Server virtualization now makes recovery of many systems much easier and faster than it was, and the rise of the cloud puts more options at our disposal than we could have previously imagined. Hurricane season is officially here, making it a good time to review the current state of disaster recovery solutions. What is Disaster Recovery? First, a bit of terminology; This article is about disaster recovery, which for our purposes deals with […]

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