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Always Thorough, Always Prepared – Spotlight on Brian

Brian is known for being thorough. Whether it’s revamping a network closet’s cabling or getting answers to questions before they’ve even been asked, Brian likes to be prepared. This quality serves him well as an Escalation Engineer for Bellwether and the end result is that clients feel taken care of. According to Brian, there are a combination of factors that come together to create a client experience where people feel heard and attended to. One is the personal interaction. When he’s troubleshooting an issue, he likes to go directly to the individual to talk with them to find out exactly […]

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Account Management with Integrity – Spotlight on Michele

Spotlight on Michele

Every day is different and holds its own challenges for Michele, and she likes it that way because it keeps her thinking and learning. As an Account Manager at Bellwether, it’s Michele’s job to be the go-to person whom clients call on when they have questions about anything at all having to do with their Bellwether IT services. She may not always have the answer right away, but she’ll find it or get them to the people who do. In her role, Michele works closely with Bellwether’s vCIO’s (Virtual Chief Information Officers) to make sure that the lines of communication […]

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I Can Do That – A Spotlight on Zasha

Employee spotlight Zasha

Zasha, Director of Operations at Bellwether Technology, hasn’t always worked in IT. In fact, when she landed her first IT job as an assistant systems administrator for a government contractor, she didn’t have any experience in the field except for being her family’s go-to IT resource. During the course of the job interview, she didn’t know the answers to all of the technical questions that she was asked. But it turned out that how she did answer revealed a lot of about who Zasha is and not just what she knew. “I had no professional experience in IT and there […]

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Employee Spotlight Series: Andrea Woolsey

Andrea Woolsey: the heart of the office Ask anyone at Bellwether, and they’ll tell you how much they love Andrea. She’s warm, hilarious, hardworking, and keeps the train on the tracks. As the gatekeeper for Bellwether’s Chairman, Poco Sloss, Andrea wears many hats. In addition to performing executive assistant duties for Poco, she is a sales assistant, servicing some choice client accounts. No two days are alike for Andrea, but that’s what she loves about her position, “I love that I can jump back and forth from executive assistant work to sales work. There are always wheels spinning!” Andrea first […]

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Employee Spotlight Series: Matt Lax

Matt Lax: Bellwether’s IT swiss army knife Matt Lax’s affinity for technology began at a young age, “I was the weird kid that asked for appliances for my birthday so that I could take them apart and put them back together.” As Bellwether’s Escalation Engineer II, he gets to deploy this passion for problem solving and technological learning by tackling client issues that reach him at the end of the escalation chain. Growing up in Vermont, Matt was exposed to higher education and advanced tech from an early age. His father worked at a university and got Matt involved in […]

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