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There is no standard day for Andy, a Project Engineer at Bellwether Technology Corporation. One day he’s working from home on a new SharePoint rollout, and the next he could be loading 100-pound battery backups into a network rack at a client site. Andy is ready for whatever the task the day calls for, whether it’s putting in a couple of hours’ drive time to work onsite, or sitting comfortably at his desk.

Andy’s career at Bellwether began more than 10 years ago when he started out as a Service Desk Technician shortly after he finished college. He spent a few years troubleshooting issues, then he took on more duties to coordinate ticket assignments and act as an escalation point for the Service Desk team. He was devoting 100% of his time to escalations when he decided to shift his career and became a Project Engineer.

“The variety of work keeps me on my toes,” said Andy. “There’s always an opportunity to learn something new every day. That’s a good thing if you like to be challenged.”

Team Collaboration and Support

Andy likes to be challenged but what’s equally important is having a team to call on for collaboration and support. Bellwether has intentionally created spaces for knowledge sharing through different Teams groups focused on different topics, so people know where to go to post questions and get immediate help.

“I benefit enormously from having a team of individuals around me that I trust, and I can lean on for a multitude of different questions,” explained Andy. “There’s somebody who’s really good at whatever you need to know at Bellwether.”

Likewise, when a team member needs help, Andy consistently jumps in to lend a hand.

“Since joining the Professional Services department, Andy has become a vital member of our team,” said Rodney, P., Andy’s supervisor. “He is always willing to take on new projects and coach others.”

Core Values Played Out Every Day

One of Bellwether’s core values is working together as a team, and Andy says that he sees this value in action every day. In fact, many of Andy’s experiences at Bellwether are about how the company’s core values play out; from embracing a love for learning to the dynamic environment that results from working with a variety of clients who all have unique IT systems and needs. But there are other aspects of his experience that he appreciates as well, like the opportunity to contribute ideas for improvement.

“Whenever I think there’s a problem, or there’s an improvement that can be made, I never feel like I’m shut down or ignored,” said Andy. “When I bring something up, I know it’s heard.”

Another thing Andy hears frequently is that his contributions are appreciated. He says that he receives positive feedback all the time. Plus, he has great two-way communication with his manager along with a good balance of positive and constructive feedback.

Career Advancement and Job Satisfaction

Andy’s decade-long tenure at Bellwether is a sign that he’s found a place where he can thrive. He’s been able to advance his career and enjoy a level of job satisfaction that comes from having all the important elements that make a great work experience come together.

His advice to anyone considering a job at Bellwether is that it’s a good place if you want to learn as much as you possibly can and have a career path for advancement.

“You’re going to learn a lot really quickly, and if you’re somebody who is okay with being challenged every day and hungry to learn, this is a really good place to be,” said Andy.

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