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An IT career isn’t explicitly reserved for engineers and technology specialists. For people like Lauren, who is a business analyst at Bellwether, you can excel without a background in IT if you’re willing to jump in and learn new things. In her position that involves documenting all of Bellwether’s internal processes, Lauren uses her love of learning to figure out how things work, understand the process, and see where improvements can be made.

“I’m constantly learning,” Lauren explained. “I absorb as much as I can, put the pieces together, and be a bridge or translator between the technical and client-facing team members.”

Embracing Challenge as She Transitioned to IT

Before Lauren joined the Bellwether team, she worked for a healthcare staffing agency and in hospitality. Her unfamiliarity with the IT space didn’t dissuade her from joining Bellwether. In fact, she was thrilled to find a new challenge when she discovered Bellwether through a friend who already worked for the company.

When Lauren came on board, the focus of her role was to document all of Bellwether’s internal processes. Her role has since expanded, and her typical day has a lot of variety. She works on internal project management, which challenges her to balance certain priority processes that need to be documented. She has also assisted with a migration to QuickBooks Online and cleaning up Bellwether’s professional services software.

Lauren likens her responsibilities to keeping the plates spinning with her varied workload.

She doesn’t do it all on her own, however, but collaborates with other Bellwether teams. Lauren loves sitting next to the Security Operations Center team because she can learn about their roles and ask them questions. She knows they’re not afraid to share with her what they do well, and ways that they could improve and be more efficient.

“When you start asking team members questions, they’re excited to share that knowledge with you, especially if you want to learn,” said Lauren.

Trust and Flexibility as the Foundation of a Healthy Workplace

Lauren has been with Bellwether for over a year, and she’s found that her job not only provides fulfillment in her life, but she feels respected and appreciated. When the company moved its office space from the old Federal Reserve building, Lauren noticed the time, thought, and effort that went into designing a new space that would encourage – not force – employees to come to the office.

Lauren values the support and trust she receives from management. She works well independently, so she appreciates the company’s hands-off approach. She knows they have faith in her to get her job done.

“I have space to do what I need to do, but they are also available when I need support,” Lauren said.

Good Communication Mixed with Core Values

Management listens to her input and discusses or implements her suggestions. They have also brought her onto additional projects and business divisions, which tells Lauren that the company has confidence in her abilities.

“Lauren’s been able to take any project I’ve proposed and take it from start to finish to effect change in our organization,” said Merrick Sloss, Bellwether’s president. “The initiatives she works on are generally complicated things that touch a lot of people. She has a lot of impact on how we’re improving operations.”

Many IT companies boast an open-door policy, but Bellwether puts it into practice. Every level of the company – from entry to executive – is accessible. Management maintains good communication and does its best to live by the company’s core values.

At Bellwether, Lauren has seen an improvement in her work-life balance compared to previous jobs. If she has an appointment in the middle of the day, it’s not a big deal. Management trusts employees to fulfill their responsibilities.

“They’ve created a safe space where I feel valued,” Lauren concluded. “If ever I want to move in a different direction, I can talk with them about it, and they’ll help me.”

Whether it’s the satisfaction she gets from being an IT translator, or the support and encouragement she receives on an ongoing basis, Lauren savors the daily opportunities to help others solve problems.

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