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According to Gary, Bellwether Technology’s superpower is the way that everyone in the organization shares information. Whether the communication takes the form of client meetings, one-to-one discussions with colleagues, or creating documentation, the outcome is that people gain understanding. Understanding is essential for making connections and facilitating forward movement.

Gary is a Project Resource at Bellwether and in his 28 years with the company he’s facilitated a lot of forward movement for clients, colleagues, and his own professional career. He’s seen a lot of changes during the four decades that have passed since he started working in IT in the days of floppy discs and dial up modems.

“I’ve always liked playing with new technology. Every time there was an opportunity to learn more about electronics or computers, I read every book I could find.” Gary explained. “Technology has changed quite a bit and I continue to learn and find ways to make technology work for our clients.”

Fostering Relationships Through Communication

Gary’s love of learning has served him well in an industry that continues to evolve at breakneck speed. Along with staying current with IT trends, working with clients never gets old. Much of Gary’s time is spent meeting with clients as they work with Bellwether’s project team to plan and implement new technology.

“I make an extra effort to communicate directly with clients and make phone calls or meet with them the way they want to be met with. I think that goes a long way to foster relationships with our customers and help them feel comfortable with what we’re doing for them,” said Gary.

A technology project isn’t complete unless it’s thoroughly documented, and Gary plays a role in that too. Good documentation makes it easy for anyone in the company to get up to speed with a client’s IT environment. That helps everyone do their job better, from the support desk technicians helping computer users, to the system administrators managing the network.

Sharing with Others to Help Them Succeed

In addition to documentation, Gary’s colleagues know they can call on him to be a resource when they have questions or need another perspective on a problem. He’s always ready to listen and share what he knows or point a coworker in the right direction.

“I think the amount of expertise we have is one of our greatest strengths within Bellwether,” said Gary. “The other is our ability to share the knowledge we maintain within the organization and communicate what we know to other people.”

Rodney, Professional Services Manager at Bellwether, says that Gary is always looking for ways to help and teach others what he knows.

“Gary is a trusted resource for anyone who needs some help or just wants to expand their knowledge,” said Rodney. “Clients trust Gary because they know he’s looking out for their best interests, no matter what.”

That’s the thing about Gary – he’s always looking out for others. He knows that sharing helps other people succeed and that’s actually how he measures his own personal success.

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