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Brian is known for being thorough. Whether it’s revamping a network closet’s cabling or getting answers to questions before they’ve even been asked, Brian likes to be prepared. This quality serves him well as an Escalation Engineer for Bellwether and the end result is that clients feel taken care of.

According to Brian, there are a combination of factors that come together to create a client experience where people feel heard and attended to. One is the personal interaction. When he’s troubleshooting an issue, he likes to go directly to the individual to talk with them to find out exactly how their technology is making them stumble.

The next piece is taking the deep dive to discover the root cause and not letting go until a fix is identified. Everything is wrapped up in empathy and an appreciation for how a problem affects individuals.

“I’m empathetic so I feel their frustration and want the issue resolved as much as they do,” explained Brian. “When we discuss your issue, it’s apparent you’re talking to the right person.

Onsite Troubleshooting and Network Closet Refurbishing

In his role as an Escalation Engineer, Brian spends most of his time troubleshooting tough issues and that often includes visiting clients onsite. While he’s at a client facility, he’ll take care of whatever is needed, whether it’s hands-on maintenance, or simplifying the typical spaghetti of computer cables.

Brian’s fame for taking a neglected tangle of wiring and turning it into an understandable network of connections came from his years of working in telecommunications. It was after a neck injury forced him out of cabling work that he found an opportunity at Bellwether.

Desire to Dig Deeper into Difficult Issues

When he was first hired, Brian worked on the tier one service desk responding to calls and emails for support. He wasn’t there too long before he took on extra duty, managing the queue of requests and assigning them to technicians. He continued to manage the request board after he was promoted to tier two support until his role changed so that he could spend more time researching difficult issues.

“During one of my evaluations, Zasha asked me – What would make me even happier at Bellwether? I said that if I didn’t have to answer the phone every time it rang, I would love to dig deeper into these issues,” recalled Brian.

Zasha, Director of Operations, has watched Brian master all of the positions that have been put in front of him at Bellwether and it’s clear that she values everything that he brings to the company.

“You can always rely on Brian to do everything the right way for his team and our clients,” said Zasha. “He’s always looking to advance his skillset. He has an unrivaled thirst for knowledge and is the guy that wants to know a lot of stuff about a lot of things.”

Trust, Stability and the Value of People

One of the things that Brian knows is that Bellwether is not going to take advantage of him. The IT support industry might have a reputation for working people long and hard, but that’s not what his experience has been.

On weeks where he’s put in extra hours, he’s able to take time off to compensate. He says that work-life balance isn’t just a core value. It’s a value they actually live out at Bellwether.

Another thing that’s important to Brian is stability. As a well-established New Orleans business, Bellwether has proven that they can navigate through the ups and downs of the economy as well as a global pandemic, all while managing the evolving world of technology.

“I’m proud to work for Bellwether. I have trust in the leadership,” said Brian. “Bellwether is the first company where I’ve felt like it was never so apparent that a company is its people.”

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