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Spotlight on Jennifer

Professionals in the IT industry understand their work isn’t solely about technical issues. They also interact with the people behind the devices, and that involves fostering relationships in addition to solving computer problems. After building a long career in the industry, Bellwether Technology support specialist, Jennifer knows that often the best way to help someone with a technical issue begins with simply listening to their frustrations, so they feel heard.

“I hate to be on the end of a computer that’s having problems, so I understand the frustration,” Jennifer explains. “If there’s something I can do to help that person’s day, even if I can only escalate their case and give them faith that it will be fixed, I like those interactions with the customers.”

Jennifer joined the Bellwether team as a tier one support specialist a year ago. She works onsite at the company’s new building in New Orleans, spending much of her time on the phone with clients, troubleshooting, talking through issues, and escalating help tickets when needed.

Focused on Troubleshooting Tech Issues

Before focusing her career on IT support, Jennifer was the person to whom coworkers would turn when they needed help with their computers. Then the IT company that worked with her employer noticed her expertise and offered Jennifer a position doing technical support on the phone. She took the job and stayed there 18 years, serving as project manager, engineer, and liaison to a clientele of small and medium-sized businesses..

Eventually Jennifer left that position to become part of the Bellwether team. As a support specialist, her role is focused on troubleshooting client issues and when she needs to, she can call on her team for help. Likewise, she’s always willing to lend a hand whenever she can.

“The teamwork begins whenever you get here in the morning. You start reading people’s messages and throwing in your two cents right away,” explained Jennifer.

New Retro Building Creates Collaborative Work Environment

Bellwether’s recent move to a renovated rectory in uptown New Orleans has helped Jennifer feel like her employer cares about her. In addition to the retro look on the outside and modern orange walls, lighting, TVs, and coffee machine inside, the building has allowed team members to collaborate face-to-face and build comradery. Instead of asking a question on Teams, Jennifer can just lean back in her chair and ask a coworker in person. That leads to more natural interactions.

These are more than just simple perks. Jennifer recognizes that when the company takes time to make employees feel appreciated – whether through interactions with each other, messages, or Amazon gift card rewards for certain achievements – they in turn can help make their clients happy too. Client satisfaction is the team’s overarching goal.

“Jennifer always goes the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied,” says her supervisor Zasha, Bellwether’s Director of Operations. “She is a popular name that consistently pops up from our client surveys because she makes them feel at ease, listens to the issue, and comes up with effective solutions.”

Fortunately for Jennifer, her job at Bellwether has enabled her to combine her passion for IT and helping others into one role. That has led to a happier and more fulfilling work experience.

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