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Here to Help Employee Spotlight on Ross

There’s often an audible sigh of relief heard over the phone, when Ross responds to a client support request and the person on the other end knows that their problem is going to be taken care of… fast. As a Support Specialist at Bellwether, Ross troubleshoots client issues all day long. The pace is fast as he moves from problem to problem, ranging from a simple password reset to a networking issue, but he loves it and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Ross enjoys the variety that comes with each day, and he feels that the company sets him up for success by giving him the tools and the team that he needs to handle what comes his way.

“If it’s something one of my coworkers is familiar with but I’m not so familiar, I feel comfortable reaching out to them with the client on the phone so we can put our heads together to figure it out,” said Ross. “I feel like there’s never a time where I’m left without any kind of help from somebody.”

Diversity of Knowledge on the Support Team

Bellwether is intentional about building a support team that represents a diversity of knowledge that when put together makes a resourceful team. Some people have expertise in specific technologies, while others have a greater depth of knowledge about unique client IT systems. It’s just a matter of knowing who to go to when you’re on the spot.

This is different from Ross’s previous experience working at a much smaller IT support company where he didn’t feel that he had the support of a team behind him. At that job, he also found himself pulled in different directions because he had many roles to fill. Ross likes how the Bellwether team is structured and that his role is focused on one aspect of IT service delivery. At the same time, he knows that if he wants to make a change, the opportunity is there.

“The company is set up for you to do your best and there are lots of places to move around to,” said Ross. “If you want to go to a different position, they’ll work with you to try and make it happen.”

Remote Work Means Being There for His Family

Ross has found that Bellwether is not only accommodating on a professional level, but on a personal level too. When he started working here, he was commuting 55 miles from outside New Orleans. It was his supervisor who suggested that he begin to work remotely. Not having a long commute has made a big difference in Ross’s day-to-day life.

“Working from home has given me a chance to be there for my family. I can do things that I couldn’t do before,” Ross explained. “I can get my kids on and off the bus and sometimes get supper cooked on my lunch break.”

Dedicated Team Member and Mentor

Flexibility goes both ways. If Ross has to work through lunch or go later in the day, he does. He knows that he’ll be compensated for any extra hours and his team knows that they can count on him.

“Ross is the guy who is willing to pitch in and help at any time. He’ll reach out to his peers to see if anyone needs help when he’s caught up,” said Zasha, Bellwether’s Director of Operations. “He’s dependable, dedicated and a great example and mentor to the incoming service desk members new to Bellwether.”

Working at Bellwether has been an exciting journey for Ross. He appreciates being able to use his skills to help people and get to know individuals at client companies even though he’s never met them face to face. He understands that when people need his help, they may not be at their best, but he takes it all in stride. Whether he hears a sigh on the other end of the phone or not, he knows he’s turned their day around.

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