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Stop Lateral Movement with Managed Detection and Response

Cyber threats continue to evolve with alarming sophistication. The unsettling reality is that cyber intruders may already be navigating through your network undetected if you don’t have Managed Detection and Response (MDR) as part of your cybersecurity strategy.

Consider this scenario: an employee clicks on a seemingly innocent email link, leading them to a cleverly disguised login page. Believing it to be legitimate, they input their username and password, and think nothing of it.

What actually just happened is that they gave their credentials to a cyber-criminal. Once an intruder gains access to an individual’s corporate account they enter the organization’s network. Then they begin gathering information and moving laterally within it in order to exploit vulnerabilities for financial gain.

Lateral movement refers to the way a cyber-criminal navigates within an IT network, escalating privileges, and compromising accounts and devices to gain access to more resources.

This scenario highlights a critical gap in network security: the failure to detect intrusions until they have already caused damage. How was the intruder able to bypass network defenses? In many cases, the lack of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) in an organization’s security strategy introduced vulnerabilities that allowed the cyber-criminal to move around unnoticed for as long as 150 days.

Managed Detection and Response: Your Cybersecurity Ally

To understand how MDR works, think of it as a highly vigilant digital guard. It uses sophisticated technology and human expertise to keep a watchful eye on your network, separating real dangers from false alarms. MDR is proactive, constantly searching for signs of trouble, ready to act fast to block or neutralize any threats it finds. After dealing with a threat, the MDR process includes an investigation to uncover how the intrusion happened in the first place.

MDR Works in Harmony with Other Security Measures

Adding MDR to your cybersecurity measures strengthens your defenses, especially against the sophisticated techniques hackers use to move undetected within your network. However, MDR works best when it’s part of a broader security strategy.

Returning to our initial cyber-attack example, it’s possible that the intrusion could have been avoided if other security practices had been in place. Such practices include:

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training: Implementing ongoing training to improve employees’ ability to recognize phishing attempts and dubious links, and stress the importance of verifying the authenticity of requests for credentials.
  • Enhanced Authentication Measures: Utilizing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of security for corporate and online accounts.
  • Proactive Email Defense: Employing advanced email filtering technologies to catch phishing attempts before they reach the user.
  • Advanced Endpoint Security: Deploying state-of-the-art endpoint protection to block malicious links and websites.
  • Internet Access Controls: Applying web filtering technologies to restrict access to known malicious sites, reducing the risk of employees will encounter dangerous content.

Fortifying Your Cyber Defenses

Securing your organization from cyber threats, such as lateral movement by hackers, is an ongoing mission. It requires a proactive approach that combines your team’s efforts with cybersecurity expertise. Employing techniques like MDR not only helps in detecting and countering threats but also minimizes the chances of a security breach, safeguarding your company’s finances and reputation.

Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Here at Bellwether, we provide cybersecurity services to protect your business from cyber threats. Our team of experts can help you develop a proactive defense strategy that includes ongoing learning and the use of technologies like MDR to detect and respond to threats. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of a breach and protect your organization from the financial and reputational damage that comes with it.

Keeping your business secure as threats continue to evolve can feel daunting, but with the right strategies and tools, such as MDR, you can achieve peace of mind, knowing your network is being protected and you have what you need to effectively manage cyber risks..

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