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Why You Need a vCISO

Why you need a vCISO

Can you imagine a cruise ship without a captain? Operations in different areas of the ship might be able to take place on their own. The engines would run. The kitchen would prepare food. The guests would be entertained. But there would be no one who had their finger on the pulse of all of the activity. No one would be responsible for coordinating each of the various departments and most importantly, no one would be making sure the ship was headed in the right direction. That’s what it’s like when your organization doesn’t have a vCISO. What’s a vCISO? […]

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7 Factors That Guide Cybersecurity Strategy

7 Factors That Guide Cybersecurity Strategy

If you don’t have a strategy that guides how your organization prevents and responds to cyber-attacks, you probably have gaps that are opening up the door to more risk than you can imagine. On the other hand, when you are strategic, you can be confident that what you’re doing isn’t just managing risk but actually lowering it. Lower Cyber Risk by Being Strategic How do you create a cybersecurity strategy that lowers cyber risk? The details are going to be specific to your company, but we’ll give you some talking points that should be included in your strategy discussions. Here’s […]

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What’s Involved with a Cybersecurity Assessment?

What's involved with a cybersecurity assessment?

“Do we need a cybersecurity assessment?” That’s what business leaders are asking as they wonder if their organization has gaps in their cybersecurity posture. Sometimes there’s a lack of confidence in the abilities of their IT team to stand up an effective cyber defense. More often than not, the decision to conduct a cybersecurity assessment has to do simply with the desire to get an objective view of what’s really going on with security. Whether you have a technical background or not, a cybersecurity assessment can answer a lot of questions, especially those that you didn’t think to ask. These […]

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10 Security Mistakes That Increase Cyber Risk

10 security mistakes that increase cyber risk

You could have gaps in cybersecurity that make you a bigger target for cyber criminals than you realize. In a world where a cyber attack happens every 39 seconds, it’s only a matter of time before your security blind spots are exploited. When that happens and you find yourself having to deal with the aftermath of a data breach, you’ll wish that you had locked the doors and windows to your network a lot tighter – and sooner. Creating and implementing an effective cybersecurity strategy takes resources of both time and money but a cyber-attack is going to eat up […]

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