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Andrea Woolsey: the heart of the office

Ask anyone at Bellwether, and they’ll tell you how much they love Andrea. She’s warm, hilarious, hardworking, and keeps the train on the tracks. As the gatekeeper for Bellwether’s Chairman, Poco Sloss, Andrea wears many hats. In addition to performing executive assistant duties for Poco, she is a sales assistant, servicing some choice client accounts. No two days are alike for Andrea, but that’s what she loves about her position, “I love that I can jump back and forth from executive assistant work to sales work. There are always wheels spinning!”

Andrea with her husband, Ed.

Andrea first joined Bellwether back in 1990, when the Company was a decade old. She was on the team for eleven years, working in the sales department. Without any prior sales or technology experience, Andrea jumped in feet first with her megawatt work ethic and positive attitude and became a strong account executive on some of Bellwether’s longest-standing and largest client accounts. However, the ever-evolving nature of technology paired with the grind of sales led Andrea to need a change of scenery and a break from the industry. She went on to open a dollar store called the Buck Stop with her husband in Metairie, which was around for seven years before they sold, and she went in-house with a former Bellwether client, Whitney Bank.

In 2015, when Poco was on the hunt for an ace new assistant, he knew whom to call first. Andrea was happy to be back at Bellwether with so many old friends and colleagues, “I’m really looking forward to the day when everyone is back in the office. I miss the pre-Covid office, the social aspects of it. It is a great group.” In fact, she missed her coworkers so much so that she organized a socially distant dinner for the ladies of the office to reunite recently.

What keeps Andrea at Bellwether? Aside from the obvious love and respect of her coworkers and bosses, she is extremely proud to work for a locally owned and managed MSP, which has established a strong record over its 40 years in business.

When Andrea isn’t creating quotes or working her magic as the Sonic Wall Queen of the office, she loves to garden, going to the theatre (who doesn’t love Hamilton these days?), and spending time with her husband, Ed.