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Matt Lax: Bellwether’s IT swiss army knife

Matt Lax’s affinity for technology began at a young age, “I was the weird kid that asked for appliances for my birthday so that I could take them apart and put them back together.” As Bellwether’s Escalation Engineer II, he gets to deploy this passion for problem solving and technological learning by tackling client issues that reach him at the end of the escalation chain.

Growing up in Vermont, Matt was exposed to higher education and advanced tech from an early age. His father worked at a university and got Matt involved in technology classes at a young age. He learned about networking fundamentals in high school and went on to take a CCNA course through Cisco. He made his way into the technology sector by way of freelance jobs once he completed his college degree, mostly in the entertainment industry doing web design.

At Bellwether, Matt enjoys the challenging work that allows him to work with different client environments in various business areas. When Service Desk issues cannot be quickly resolved, they reach Matt at the end of the escalation chain, “it’s satisfying and rewarding to be able to resolve issues that are negatively affecting multiple users.” The variety that this role brings keeps Matt on his toes and deeply engaged. However, what has kept him at the company is undoubtedly the people and management, “everybody is here to work hard and get stuff done. I love working with folks like that.”

Outside of work, Matt is an avid music lover, and pre-pandemic, he traveled the world to camp out at music festivals. He lives in New Orleans with his girlfriend and pup.