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Why is my IT support company so slow?

When IT support isn’t there when you need it, you can feel like you’re falling into a black hole with no way out. Not only does slow IT support response cause frustration for employees, it impacts your whole business. What you end up with is technology that hinders operations instead of enabling them.

What happens when IT support is always slow or doesn’t show up at all?

  • Employees lose confidence that IT can help so they stop calling support at all.
  • People try to fix their own issues which diverts them from their work.
  • They ask coworkers for IT help which diverts more people from their work.
  • Employees create their own workarounds which don’t really solve the problem and may create security vulnerabilities.
  • Your relationship with IT becomes adversarial and trust is lost.
  • Productivity and profitability decline.

It all adds up to frustration for employees because they can’t do their jobs as well as they would like. Customer satisfaction dips. You start to bleed money because productivity is poor. Your business stagnates because you can’t use technology to move forward.

If you’re experiencing this for yourself right now, you may have had some conversations with your IT company, and they said they would do better. It may have gotten better momentarily, but then relapsed and you’re back in that IT response black hole again.

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Is Change Even Possible?

If the IT company knows that their slow response time is a problem, why can’t they change? Going faster isn’t the solution. They must fix underlying problems within their own business. These are problems like:

  • They’re understaffed and overworked.
  • They don’t have the expertise to get to the root of IT issues.
  • They have other customers who always take priority over you.
  • They’re focusing on other aspects of IT management instead of support.
  • They don’t have the proper processes and procedures necessary for effective IT management.
  • As their business grew, they failed to scale properly.
  • They’re complacent and don’t feel like they have to earn your business anymore.

Do you see what we mean when we say that none of these problems are solved by going faster? So, if they’re not going to change and you can’t put up with it anymore, you’re the one that needs to make change.

How do you find a managed IT service company who will provide you with the response time you want? We can tell you about how we do that here at Bellwether.

IT Response Time for Bellwether Clients

Here at Bellwether, clients get fast support. When a computer user calls in, the person who answers the phone has the skills needed to actually fix the problem.

Here’s how we’ve structured our business so that we can provide fast response time:

  • Our service desk is overstaffed so that we have ample capacity to handle all requests.
  • Service desk staff are certified, knowledgeable, and experienced at troubleshooting.
  • The service desk team includes engineers who can provide escalated support for widespread or complex issues.
  • We prevent users from having problems in the first place through our proactive approach to IT management.
  • We partner with clients to create a path of IT improvement so they can build a stable IT foundation.

Most importantly, service desk staff recognize that with every call, there’s a person on the other end who needs their help. They know how to ask the right questions and interact with people who may be frustrated and not at their best.

Fast IT Support Response for New Orleans Businesses

If your IT support company has slow response time, and you know it’s because of how they’ve structured their business, it’s time for a change. Here at Bellwether, the people on our service desk are really good at solving problems quickly. What’s more, our company structure enables them to do their best work. Get in touch and explore what Bellwether Managed IT would look like for your employees – and your whole business.

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