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Get Started with Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft has launched a family of new products that carry the name Copilot. Copilot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that’s built into the Microsoft environment, and it’s poised to change the way people work. Whether or not you’ve already been working with AI tools, Copilot deserves exploration because of its integration with your data in SharePoint and OneDrive, and with applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Copilot is built on a type of AI called Large Language Model (LLM), a category of generative AI. LLM’s are a type of technology that utilizes a vast amount of text to understand […]

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Leveraging Microsoft’s Azure Cloud: 5 Essential Benefits for Businesses 

When you’re faced with the decision to replace your onsite servers or go to Microsoft’s Azure cloud, you will no doubt want to compare each option dollars to dollars. However, moving your servers from your physical space to Azure isn’t just a matter of relocating your data and programs to a different place. You actually gain a lot of benefits because of what you can do when your resources are in the cloud and that’s value that you can’t measure apples to apples. What’s the Azure cloud? Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. In addition to offering secure and reliable […]

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