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Microsoft has launched a family of new products that carry the name Copilot. Copilot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that’s built into the Microsoft environment, and it’s poised to change the way people work. Whether or not you’ve already been working with AI tools, Copilot deserves exploration because of its integration with your data in SharePoint and OneDrive, and with applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Copilot is built on a type of AI called Large Language Model (LLM), a category of generative AI. LLM’s are a type of technology that utilizes a vast amount of text to understand language along with the nuances of how people speak and write. LLM’s don’t actually understand content. They predict the logical sequence of words from a given starting point, with the result sounding like a human response.

The starting point is called a prompt and the quality of the LLM output is determined by the input of the information included in the series of prompts. LLM’s, including Copilot, aren’t perfect and every output needs to be reviewed for accuracy. In fact, Microsoft includes a small print disclaimer to remind you of your responsibility.

As mentioned, there are many products with the Copilot name. We’re going to distill the three you’re most likely to encounter and then guide you into how you can get started exploring how this AI assistant can help you save time and be more productive in your day-to-day work. But first, let’s look at what kind of work Copilot can do.

What Can Copilot Do?

Microsoft calls Copilot an AI assistant but remember, it’s a co-pilot, not an auto-pilot. While Copilot is designed to simplify and expedite certain tasks, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t replace human insight and decision-making. It’s there to complement your capabilities, not take over your job.

Here’s what Copilot can do to enhance your workflow, all while keeping you in the driver’s seat:

Content Creation: Compose an email in Outlook; draft reports, articles or essays in Word; create a presentation in PowerPoint; create reports or visualizations from data; or even whip up code snippets.

Retrieve Information: Get information from the internet or directly from your company’s own resources (if included in your subscription).

Collaborate: Integration with Microsoft Teams, Loop, and other tools within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem enables document sharing, communication, task management and more.

Enhance Productivity: Automate repetitive tasks like scheduling meetings in Outlook or crafting complex formulas in Excel to free up time for more strategic work.

Bridge Language Gaps: Copilot can translate text across a variety of languages, enabling communication with international teams and customers.

Keep in mind that these are examples of basic functionality in Copilot. You’ll find variations in what you can do depending on the type of subscription you have. As you and your organization learn to use Copilot, you can customize it to meet your workflows and operations. Now, let’s talk about three types of Copilot subscriptions.

Types of Copilot Subscriptions

FREE – Copilot in Windows 11

In Windows 11, Copilot simplifies everything from adjusting PC settings to organizing your desktop, saving time and boosting efficiency. This version of Copilot can also pull in information from the web, directly into your workflow or through any Windows app you’re using.

Also included are AI-powered tools for photo editing, video creation, and drawing. Plus, with advanced security features and AI-driven Bing Chat, online browsing is more effective and secure. You can also utilize Bing Chat in Bing Search whether or not you have Windows 11 or the Edge browser.


Copilot Pro is an add-on to Home and Personal Microsoft 365 subscriptions, currently at a cost of $20 per person each month. This plan is great for speeding up access to GPT-4, an AI that helps with tasks like writing essays or putting together presentations.

With Copilot Pro, you can get assistance with writing suggestions, data organization, email management, and creative project ideas within Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneNote. You can also create AI-generated images—up to 100 a day—using Designer, which can be a fun tool for both school projects and personal creativity.

BUSINESS LEVEL – Copilot for Microsoft 365

Copilot for Microsoft 365, currently priced at $30 per user monthly with an annual commitment, is specifically designed for business environments. It not only integrates with key Microsoft 365 applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote but also seamlessly connects with your organization’s data in SharePoint and OneDrive.

This means Copilot can access and utilize your business’s data directly to assist with tasks in a more informed and relevant manner. For example, it can swiftly incorporate the latest project details into a PowerPoint presentation or utilize historical data within Excel to forecast trends, all by tapping into the files and information stored in your SharePoint and OneDrive.

Test Copilot with Technology Pioneers

If you have Windows 11 or you’ve used Bing Chat, you might already have started to explore what you can do with Copilot. To get started with the business version, however, you’re going to have to invest in a full year-long subscription for each employee. This is where the concept of appointing technology “pioneers” comes into play.

Selecting a small, diverse group from across your organization to dive deep into Copilot’s features can be a smart move. These technology pioneers will lead the way in discovering how Copilot can best serve your specific business needs. They’ll experiment with its functionalities in various departments, from marketing to operations, providing valuable feedback and identifying best practices.

This hands-on approach not only helps in assessing Copilot’s practicality and efficiency but also in tailoring its application to enhance your team’s productivity and creativity. Moreover, these pioneers will act as internal influencers, sharing their insights and successes, trailblazing the path for broader adoption among your staff.

Guidelines for Implementing a Pioneer Approach to Explore Copilot

Select Diverse Pioneers: Identify employees from various departments who are open to experimenting with new technology.

Set Clear Objectives: Outline specific goals for what you aim to achieve with Copilot, such as boosting document creation speed or streamlining workflows.

Provide Training and Resources: Offer an introductory training session on Copilot’s features and ensure ongoing support is available.

Establish a Feedback Process: Set up a mechanism for pioneers to regularly share their experiences and insights, whether through meetings or a digital platform.

Encourage Experimentation: Motivate pioneers to integrate Copilot in a variety of tasks to discover its full potential and limitations.

Share Learnings Organization-Wide: Have pioneers present their findings to the rest of the organization through guides, presentations, or workshops.

Evaluate and Adjust: Use feedback from pioneers and their colleagues to assess Copilot’s impact and decide on any necessary adjustments before wider rollout.

Ready to Start Experimenting with Copilot?

Are you ready to explore what Copilot can do within your own organization? Start by identifying technology pioneers who can explore and evaluate Copilot’s capabilities tailored to your specific business needs. Learning how to use Copilot isn’t going to be much different than learning any other software. Invest in a few subscriptions yourself and your pioneers the freedom to experiment and the time to practice. You might be surprised at how quickly people pick up new skills and discover how having an AI assistant helps them to be more successful at their jobs.

More efficient and productive workers impact business outcomes too. Starting down the path to Copilot adoption is an opportunity to leverage cutting-edge technology to maintain a competitive edge. By embracing Copilot, you can ensure your team maximizes their time and creativity, focusing on strategic tasks that propel your business forward.

Next Steps

The journey to integrating AI into your business is a step towards future-proofing your operations. If you’re ready to explore what Copilot can do for you, or if you need guidance on implementing this powerful tool effectively, reach out to us. Our team is here to support you in navigating this exciting technological advancement, ensuring that your business not only keeps up with the pace of change but thrives because of it.

Contact us today to learn more about how Copilot and our managed IT services can transform your business operations.

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