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When you’re faced with the decision to replace your onsite servers or go to Microsoft’s Azure cloud, you will no doubt want to compare each option dollars to dollars. However, moving your servers from your physical space to Azure isn’t just a matter of relocating your data and programs to a different place. You actually gain a lot of benefits because of what you can do when your resources are in the cloud and that’s value that you can’t measure apples to apples.

What’s the Azure cloud? Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. In addition to offering secure and reliable computing resources, Azure is integrated with Microsoft products, and offers thousands of applications and services from Microsoft and its partners.

Gain Business Capabilities with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

In this article, we’re going to explore some of the benefits you can gain when you move your servers to the Azure environment.

1. Seamless Disaster Recovery

When you utilize the Azure cloud, your operations are no longer at risk because of natural or man-made disasters that threaten your physical space because your programs and files, and your backups are in a different geographical area from your facility. In fact, you can diversify your backups to different locations so that even if the crisis event is regional, your data is not at risk.

That means that when something like a hurricane occurs, your people can still have access to the technology they need to do their jobs. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about providing power, internet, and a secure space to house your server.

2. Avoid Downtime with Redundant Systems

Having redundant systems is a disaster recovery benefit but it’s also insurance against hardware failures. When you utilize the Azure cloud, you’ll never know when something breaks because your resources will be rolled over to a different piece of hardware automatically.

While your IT team still needs to manage your resources, Microsoft makes sure that the hardware is operational. This mitigates the risk of downtime because of mechanical failures and assures that service is always available.

3. Employees Can Work from Anywhere

When your servers are in the Azure cloud, your people are equipped to work from anywhere. In fact, an Azure Virtual Desktop license is included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscriptions. With a virtual desktop, employees access the resources they need through a web portal.

Access to files and programs is centrally managed, just as they would be if they were on a local server. Employees can use any device and receive the same experience despite its specs because it’s not the device that is working with the resources. The computing power comes from the cloud.

4. Enhanced Security and Compliance

Microsoft has invested in cyber security to the tune of billions of dollars and the Azure environment has many built-in security features to help organizations protect their information and comply with industry regulations for data privacy. These include data encryption, threat monitoring and detection, identity management, and regular software updates and patches.

As with any technology, a skilled security team plays a critical role in leveraging Azure’s security features in an effective security strategy. The team is responsible for properly configuring the platform and for utilizing complementary technologies to protect the endpoints connected to the cloud.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

When you utilize the Azure cloud, you pay only for the resources you need. You can scale your utilization up or down as your business requires and always have the right capacity. That makes it easier to handle changes in the size of your workforce or seasonal fluctuations in your business.

The ability to scale is especially important for a growing business. Instead of creating bottlenecks that cause slowdowns, utilizing the Azure cloud can help organizations adapt as they grow.

Prepare for the Future with Azure Cloud Computing

It’s clear that the Azure cloud is not just a technology platform, but a catalyst for transformative business change. It equips businesses with unparalleled disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring continuity and resilience in the face of unforeseen events. The redundancy of Azure’s systems virtually eliminates downtime, providing a stable and reliable operational environment.

This cloud solution empowers employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere, fostering a culture of productivity and adaptability. Beyond operational benefits, the Azure cloud rigorously upholds security and compliance standards, safeguarding your business against evolving digital threats.

Lastly, its inherent scalability and flexibility allow your business infrastructure to grow and adjust seamlessly, aligning perfectly with your evolving business needs. Azure cloud is more than an IT solution; it’s a strategic decision that prepares your organization to face the future.

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