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COVID-19 has presented your IT department with a great opportunity

After spending the last few weeks managing work-from-home requests, it is time for IT departments to take advantage of empty offices and quiet networks. Often times, important items are overlooked or put off, because of concerns over user impact. Here are 5 things your IT department should be doing right now.

1. Virtual Cleanup

Review user accounts, group policy objects and Active Directory. Get current on all software, firmware, and bios technologies. Perform any maintenance that was postponed because it would require a device to be rebooted. Review configurations. Test your backups.

2. Physical Cleanup

Replace aged UPS batteries, power supplies, and any component that was previously on the wait list because fixing it would take something offline. Clean up your cabling and organize your server room. Do you have unsightly data cables under people’s desks or in common areas? Now is a great time install cable organizers and ties.

3. Review data and voice services

Still under the same internet service agreement from 4 years ago? There is likely a better or less expensive option from your current internet provider or different provider. Installing a new internet circuit will be less disruptive now than when things return to normal. By now this crisis will have revealed the limitations of your current phone system. If it has, then start reviewing cloud-based phone systems.

4. Review your cloud strategy

Take an assessment of how difficult the sudden switch to remote working was on your team. What worked well for each department and individual? What could have worked better? There is cloud solution for every need. Consider these needs from multiple time frames.

5. Assess your cybersecurity posture

Cybersecurity posture is more than just a firewall and antivirus software. Yes, these are important, but so are written policies, user awareness training, DNS filtering, email security, two-factor authentication, and internal threat monitoring. There are several low-cost ways to substantially improve your level of protection. Ask your IT department for details about your current posture.

The above maintenance and assessments are an essential part of normal IT operations. Unfortunately, it is all too common for IT to procrastinate. The stakes are high, and the office is empty. It is the perfect opportunity for IT to not just catch up, but to get ahead.

Now’s the time to get started. Give us a call.

Bellwether is an award-winning managed services provider that offers superior IT solutions to clients across the Gulf South. The above mentioned tools and services are just a portion of what we include with our standard service. Whether you need full support or just want to enhance your own IT team, Bellwether will deliver.