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Effective help desk services are critical during this time of increased remote work.

Employees can no longer ask the person sitting next to them for help. Instead, they have to figure out a solution on their own or contact the help desk. Unfortunately they are often underwhelmed by the response that they get.

Help desk are often understaffed and overworked, so they focus on closing tickets quickly rather than end user satisfaction. Often companies have their own help desks, but aren’t able to provide those teams with adequate training and support. This results in internal help desks that are often inefficient and unable to provide what its name suggests, HELP.

A high quality help desk must feature the following in order to perform well:

  • 24x7x365 support team availability
  • Ticket tracking
  • Knowledge base management
  • Hi level technical knowledge, of both common software and custom business solutions
  • Communication skills and time for ongoing communication between the user and help desk until the problem is resolved
  • Regular technical training
  • Strong management oversight
  • Security awareness training
  • Ability to track service metrics and perform ticket analysis
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and tools

Bellwether offers an expert, responsive help desk services to provide our client’s employees with: 

  • Single-point of contact for all IT issues
  • Support ticket portal
  • Ownership of all issues through completion
  • Coordination with third party vendors for escalation
  • User account administration and
  • Remote access support
  • Desktop maintenance
  • White glove customer experience

As a result of using outsourced help desk services, our clients see higher employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

Bellwether is an award-winning managed services provider that offers superior IT solutions to clients across the Gulf South. Whether you need full support or just want to enhance your own IT team, Bellwether will deliver.