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Nathan Raby: Bellwether’s back-up expert with a passion for sports-writing and podcasting

Meet Nathan Raby, a Data Assurance Engineer who joined in June 2012 and has become Bellwether’s in-house security and back-ups guru. When asked why he has stayed at Bellwether for so long, Nathan explained one key component: leadership that listens.

“The Company wants to change and grow, and they want their employees to be happy.”

Nathan Raby

Nathan went from a level-1 help desk technician to his current post as the de facto back-up expert on the security team by having open and honest conversations with his manager, who saw potential in him and made room for him to grow and learn at the Company.

Nathan took an unusual path into IT and managed services by way of a Masters in English Literature Education. Throughout his studies, Nathan worked on professors’ and fellow students’ computers on campus. This led him to an IT career that began in schools and universities, where he enjoyed helping and engaging with students and professors alike. Since his move from Indianapolis to New Orleans, Nathan has been able to find a similar passion at Bellwether by helping his clients, typically on one of their most stressful days. The problem-solving aspect of recovery and security is incredibly rewarding and exciting on a professional level. On a personal one, Nathan is happy to help people recover important personal and professional files. Recently, he was able to help a client with a major loss: 10 years of photographs of her family and children were lost but not gone. Over some weeks, piece by piece, Nathan restored them all and gave this client her memories and peace of mind back.

“She was so grateful she invited my son and me to swim at her house anytime,” recalls Nathan.

In his spare time, Nathan puts his creative mind to work by co-hosting a podcast wherein they recreate classic novels into digestible and fun stories for children, something that was inspired by his two-year-old son. His podcast, Father Bother, is co-hosted by Nathan’s longtime friend, who has been a creative partner since high school. It will be launching soon, with the hope that the stories they write will be available for download on their website.

Nathan is a people person who loves writing and creating as much as he loves disaster recovery for clients. He lives and works in New Orleans with his wife, Jordan, his 2-year-old son, Calvin, and his eleven-year-old shih tzu named Toby.