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Cybersecurity Beyond the Basics: Compliance Frameworks

When it comes to creating a cybersecurity process that can consistently translate security expectations into actionable tactics, you need a framework. Frameworks are how regulations for data confidentiality and safety are communicated and enforced in many industries. For example, any company that gathers and stores information about your health or medical care must be compliant with HIPAA.

What is a Compliance Framework?

A cybersecurity compliance framework is a set of guidelines and best practices that enable consistency and clear communication about security expectations.

Compliance frameworks communicate cybersecurity standards, but they don’t provide instructions for exactly how those standards should be met. Additionally, security controls may evolve over time in response to changes in the organization or in the threat landscape. Compliance and cybersecurity in general, should be considered processes that need ongoing management.

Compliance Frameworks Enable Consistency and Clear Communication About Cybersecurity

Compliance frameworks for security have evolved because of the need for consistency when managing cyber risks. It gives organizations a way to talk about cybersecurity so that there’s no confusion between two organizations.

For that reason, it’s becoming increasingly common to find the use of security frameworks such as NIST outside of regulatory compliance as companies push accountability for security out to their customers and vendors, or seek to get the best rates on cyber insurance.

Whatever the reason for adopting a security framework, implementation is more than checking boxes off a list. Regulations need to be interpreted into security controls that fit with your unique business operations. And sometimes companies have to change their processes in order to align with security regulations.

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Examples of Compliance Frameworks

  • NIST
  • ISO
  • CMMC
  • GPL
  • GLBA
  • CMMC
  • SOX
  • SOC 2

Compliance Doesn’t Equal Security

While the use of security frameworks is an effective tool for cybersecurity consistency and communication, your cybersecurity strategy shouldn’t be solely focused on compliance. Every company has their own set of threats and vulnerabilities specific to their situation, and your security strategy should take the company’s whole risk profile into account.

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