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Bellwether Technology Corporation’s Security Operations Manager Earns CISSP Credential

(December 5, 2022 – New Orleans, LA) Corey Crossman, Security Operations Center Manager at Bellwether Technology Corporation, is now a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Earning this certification not only validates Corey’s depth of knowledge about cybersecurity tactics but demonstrates his ability to lead a team in the creation and implementation of an effective cybersecurity strategy.

The criteria to become a CISSP includes a successful score on the rigorous certification exam, plus work experience in the cybersecurity field, and a personal pledge to follow the code of ethics established by the certification body (ISC)2.

“Although I’ve been working in cybersecurity for many years now, the training and testing process that I went through to get this certification pulled a lot of things together that will help me to become a better consultant to our clients,” said Corey.

Bellwether’s approach to cybersecurity strategy starts with the establishment of a security baseline then adds on layers that meet each organization’s specific needs for compliance and risk management.

“As cyber threats have evolved, it’s become more difficult for small businesses to cover all the bases needed for comprehensive cybersecurity management,” said Steven Ellis, President of Bellwether Technology Corporation. “It’s our mission to not just offer security services, but to bring a level of security expertise that equips executives to make the best decisions about how to manage cyber risks.”

Bellwether offers managed cyber defense services as a standalone service or within all-inclusive managed IT services. The company’s local team of cybersecurity professionals work to repel attacks, detect, and respond to intrusions, and evolve clients’ security strategy as cyber-criminal tactics change.

Learn about Bellwether Managed Cyber Defense https://www.belltec.com/service/managed-cyber-defense/

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