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Online Portal Facilitates Communications for Bellwether Clients

What technology issues are our employees having? Are they getting the help they need? What’s coming up next on our IT roadmap? These are all examples of questions that the main contacts at each of our client companies can quickly answer inside of our online communications portal.

Individual users can also get information that’s pertinent to them, whether it’s the status of a support request or a new training program that’s been assigned to them by their manager. The portal can even make client operations more efficient. For example, when it’s time to onboard new employees, requests for the hardware and software they need can be automatically routed through an approval process before turning into an order in our procurement department.

The client portal is designed to be both a tool that clients can use to take care of routine requests faster, and a communications hub that puts all their messages back and forth to us in one place. So instead of having to search their email and files when they want to find information, it’s at their fingertips.

Not a Replacement for Person-to-Person Interactions

The client portal in no way takes the place of person-to-person interactions. The service desk still answers the phone, and account managers remain devoted to being a resource for questions as well as gathering and passing along information. We view the portal as an enhancement that gives people more options and ultimately makes it easier to do business together.

With the client portal, information is more accessible, but there’s also visibility into all our interactions so clients can see with their own eyes that we’re maintaining our commitment to proactive IT management and fast response when they need help.

Here are some of the ways our client portal facilitates communication and processes:

  • Provides employees with both tech support and a knowledge library
  • Automates employee onboarding and offboarding processes
  • Tracks status of IT projects
  • Manages software licenses including Microsoft 365
  • Automates equipment purchases

The Role of Communication in Technology Experience

Here at Bellwether, we’re committed to providing clients with the best technology experience possible and we can’t do that without being good communicators. The client portal is just one way that we show that we’re not just giving lip service to that commitment. (Pun intended!)

How’s your managed IT service provider doing with communication? If it’s difficult or you feel like you’re in the dark about what’s going on, it’s time to call Bellwether and explore what a great technology experience would look like for your organization.

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