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Leadership Transition Announced at Bellwether Technology Corporation

Poco Sloss, Steven Ellis, Merrick Sloss

(New Orleans, LA – November 30, 2023) Bellwether Technology Corporation has announced changes in its leadership team. While this transition comes with new titles for these three individuals, it reflects a natural progression in roles and responsibilities that have been evolving for some time. Bellwether’s co-founder, Poco Sloss, has transitioned from CEO to Chairman of the Board. In this capacity, Poco continues to provide guidance for the company’s overall goals, long-term vision, and major decisions. Steven Ellis, formerly the company’s President, is now CEO. In this role Steven continues to lead and manage Bellwether’s executive team, as well as drive […]

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The Power of Shared Knowledge – Spotlight on Gary

According to Gary, Bellwether Technology’s superpower is the way that everyone in the organization shares information. Whether the communication takes the form of client meetings, one-to-one discussions with colleagues, or creating documentation, the outcome is that people gain understanding. Understanding is essential for making connections and facilitating forward movement. Gary is a Project Resource at Bellwether and in his 28 years with the company he’s facilitated a lot of forward movement for clients, colleagues, and his own professional career. He’s seen a lot of changes during the four decades that have passed since he started working in IT in the […]

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Microsoft 365 Business Premium’s Security Advantage 

If you’ve ever been confused by Microsoft 365 licensing, you’re not alone. Microsoft offers their applications in many different bundles that are designed to address various business needs from the basic to enterprise level. While it can be difficult to decipher exactly what is included in every subscription, the good news is that there’s most likely one that’s just right for you. You just have to figure out which one. Subscriptions versus Licenses Gone are the days when Microsoft delivered your version of office apps via a box with a CD. Everything is now offered on a monthly or annual […]

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Take Communication and Collaboration to the Next Level with Microsoft Teams Phones 

Microsoft Teams has become the favorite collaboration platform for organizations who appreciate having the apps they use every day all in one workspace. Did you know that it’s now possible to pull all your phone communications into Teams too? Moving to Teams Phones can solve many problems that you’re having with your phone system right now. It’s time for an upgrade if you have poor call quality and dropped calls; high maintenance costs and concerns about security; or the system is just too inflexible and takes too much time to manage. Razorline, a local business communications provider, installs Teams Phones […]

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The Clock is Ticking for Server 2012 End-of-Support

The clock is ticking for Server 2012 End-of-support

The Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 operating systems are going out of support on October 10, 2023, and cyber-criminals are rubbing their hands in anticipation. Why? Because they know there will be a lot of networks that will continue to run the unsupported software and that will make them easy targets to exploit as new security vulnerabilities are discovered. Running unsupported software is a big risk because the developer no longer creates security patches to mitigate new vulnerabilities as they’re discovered. Cyber-criminals will continue to discover new holes where they can sneak into a computer via unpatched software. Once […]

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The Value of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

What's the value of cybersecurity awareness training?

Cybersecurity awareness training is included with the security services that we provide to our clients here at Bellwether. We do this because we understand that cybersecurity isn’t just about technology. It’s about behavior and training people in best practices so they don’t inadvertently let a cyber intruder onto their device and into their employer’s network. July has become known as Ransomware Month to remind people of the threat that this kind of malicious software poses to companies everywhere. Ransomware is just one kind of malware that pervades the internet. Why focus on this one kind and not the others? Ransomware […]

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Extreme Dedication – Spotlight on Rodney

Extreme Dedication - Spotlight on Rodney with employee headshot

Rodney is the Professional Services Manager at Bellwether. He’s been working in the IT industry for more than three decades, with most of those years being at Bellwether. It was during his high school years that he became interested in computers when his brother-in-law introduced him to the world of technology. He found that he loved it but his career in IT almost didn’t take off. Rodney was walking out of his house to become a supervisor at a Wendy’s restaurant when he got a call from Poco Sloss, owner of Bellwether, which was called ComputerLand at the time. Poco […]

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Bellwether Technology Corporation is a New Orleans Top Workplace 2019-2023

Bellwether Technology Corporation is a New Orleans Top Workplace 2019 - 2023

(June 26, 2023 – New Orleans, LA) – For the fifth year in a row, Bellwether Technology Corporation, a managed IT services company, has been named a Top Workplace in New Orleans. Credit for this honor goes to Bellwether employees who provided their feedback about their work experience through a confidential survey. The survey collects employee feelings about company culture and engagement and compares them with benchmarks that have emerged from a data base that includes more than 27 million surveys from over 70,000 organizations over the course of 16 years. “Ultimately, it’s our employees who are responsible for the […]

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New Office Equipped for Collaboration and Comfort

The former rectory building attached to Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Uptown New Orleans might seem like an unlikely location for a company that’s all about technology. The striking contrast between local history and cutting-edge technology was intentional as we made the historic building our corporate home in April of this year. The building had been vacant since Hurricane Katrina blew through in 2005 but it had good structure and it was interesting. As we were scouting out the best location for our new office, being interesting and different from traditional workspaces was important because we didn’t merely want […]

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Compliance and the Expanding Need for Security Accountability

Compliance and the Expanding Need for Security Accountability

Companies that sell software, manufactured parts or legal services are very different types of businesses, yet all of them have something in common. They’re all faced with an increasing need to prove that they are safeguarding the data that they gather, use and store. Sometimes the need for security compliance comes from legal regulations but for an increasing number of organizations, the need for security compliance is coming from their customers or vendors. In this article, we’re going to explore how cybersecurity compliance requirements are extending into industries that haven’t traditionally been regulated and present an overview of the compliance […]

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